Rendering of the bakery with our planned 200KW solar array.

Rendering of the bakery with our planned 200KW solar array.


Bread Alone is extremely pleased to use Earth Day 2017 to announce a 200KW solar array project for the roof of our main bakery. In partnership with Alfandre Architecture of New Paltz, NY, an area leader in environmentally responsible design and construction, Bread Alone will be installing the array this summer. 

Once complete, the array will provide the majority of our power needs during peak daylight hours. As importantly, the array will contribute power back to the grid when energy production outpaces our needs, providing green energy for others in the community.

For Bread Alone, this project captures our commitment to building for the future. This means taking action to produce our organic breads with the lightest environmental impact possible. In combination with smaller efforts over the past few years, such as launching a composting program, converting our delivery fleet to industry-leading 4 cylinder diesel vehicles, we believe that this project shows our deep commitment to treading lightly in the world.

We are extremely thankful for the support in the community for these efforts. Ulster Town Supervisor Jim Quigley has supported the expansion of Bread Alone in our new bakery, and notes that we now "join a group of businesses in the town of ulster that prove that a commitment to sustainability is good business."

Similarly, County Executive Mike Hein, a leader in championing responsible economic development in the Hudson Valley, notes that "Bread Alone continues to set an example for sustainable economic development in the region. Following their expansion just 3 years ago, we are thrilled to see Bread Alone take this action on protecting our environment. Projects like this are more important now than ever." 

From our first loaves in 1983, Bread Alone has always been motivated by a commitment to community and environment. We are ever thankful for the continued opportunity to serve our community delicious, honest breads and foods.

We will provide additional details and updates on our solar project in the coming weeks.