Our ambitions are bold: we aim to uphold the tenets of regenerative food production across every touch-point in our business. What do we mean by regenerative? We plan to return as many resources to our community as possible, ecologic and economic alike. We kicked off our renewed commitment to sustainability with our 196 KW solar array on the roof of our Kingston HQ.  




Bread Alone has been baking using organic grains since our first loaf in 1983. We believe that organic food production is the right choice for individual health, for our earth, and for the farmers that work our fields.

This value started with a commitment in the early 1980s to a life that is closely connected to the land. Our dedication to organic grains started with simple farm visits and conversations many year ago.

Today, the support for organic agriculture and products is much wider. We are extremely proud to maintain this commitment and to bake Certified Organic breads for our customers.



Bread Alone delivers our bread fresh every day, and never very far. Our home is in the Catskill Mountains, and that home is plenty big for us.

The bread that you purchase from us has not traveled far to get to you, and was made by a company committed to its surrounding communities. We purchase fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and grains from regional producers, and value relationships in our community.

Dan Leader opened Bread Alone in the Catskill Mountains because of their timelessness, elegance, and beauty, much like the breads that we strive to create.

Bread Alone is dedicated to maintaining our roots here and not spreading too far. 



Bread Alone makes bread using traditional methods of natural sourdoughs and slow, long fermentation. We believe that this process creates deeply flavorful and healthy breads. We also believe that this process requires skilled bakers and skilled hands. 

Our bakery has grown and evolved since we opened in 1983. Our bakery has modern equipment that allows us to make more bread available to the world. We use our 30 years of experience to continue evolving and making more honest, organic breads.

Though we know that our bakery will continue to evolve and change in the future, we will remain dedicated to the skilled, honest baking of our past.


We support the following organizations here in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

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