Menus: Our Food Philosophy

handmade pastries, locally roasted coffee, soups, sandwiches and panini

Menus: Our Food Philosophy

"The good life is never stable, never secure, never easy and never ended. It is a series of steps or stages, one leading into the other and all, in their outcome, adding, not subtracting; augmenting, not diminishing; building, not destroying; creating, not annihilating."
-Scott Nearing, 1965

Organic whole grain bread baked directly on a hot hearth was a good start for us; in life and in business.  We thought that you believed that too, so early on we decided to add some thing to our menu and little by little we had a busy cafe in the mountains serving healthy, tasty fare in a clean place with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  We have grown over the decades and our three cafes are all busy meeting places for all kinds of people! 

Our menu has always been centered around our breads, but as we became more comfortable serving a wide variety of meals, we began tailoring our menu to suit the even wider variety of guests that come through our doors.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality foods possible and to sourcing ingredients that are grown or produced nearby by people who we can meet and talk to.  We are also committed to purchasing an item like coffee from a company whose influence reaches beyond the trading floor and up into the mountains of Panama, Mexico or Ethiopia where the farmer's ladders lean against coffee trees perched on hillsides and baskets of ripe coffee beans are carefully labeled as to the variety, location and farm.

It is our intention to draw attention, through our menu choices,  to the many men and women who toil to bring food to market, ourselves included. 

see our Menus Below (Adobe pdf format):

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